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Fitness Center



Campbell Collegiate Fitness Center Renewal


December 11, 2012 Official Re-Opening Ceremony

The ribbon is ready to be cut!


Mr. Hall makes introductions and presents scissors for the ceremony.


Mr. Jones (Teacher), Mr. Edwards (Principal), Kelsey Schmidt (Campbell Student) and Mr. Oslund (C4 President) do the honours.


Interested in working out, but don't have time at noon or after school?

Come down to the Fitness Centre for a morning workout and a great start to the day.  The Fitness Centre is open to all first thing in the morning from 7:15 - 8:15 AM.  See you there!


Thank you to the following sponsors for their contributions to the refurbishing and renovations of the Fitness Center.

Murray Edwards

Redhead Equipment

Hillsdale Community Association

Gift In Kind

Benjamin Moore Paints

Dumont R. Upholstery

Future Shop

Tartan Football Team

"Wish List"


  • Mirrors
  • TV
  • Stereo
  • Bulletin boards


Cardio Equipment


  • 2 Recumbent bikes - 1 purchased with Gala proceeds)
  • 2 Treadmills - 1 needed (1 already purchased)
  • 2 Stair Climbers - 2 needed
  • Elliptical machines - 1 needed (1 already purchased)
  • 2 Rowing machines - 2 needed

Weight and Flexibility Equipment


  • Cable machine
  • Bosu balls
  • Power lifting platform
  • Foam rollers
  • Olympic bars
  • Boxing bag and gloves
  • Bongo board
  • Wobble board
  • Scale
  • Tractor tires and sledge hammer
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