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SLC Constitution


What is the Constitution?

- It describes why Campbell Collegiate has a Student Leadership Council (SLC).

- It is the rulebook as to how the SLC operates.

- It explains the role and the responsibilities of the different SLC positions.

- It explains how to get on the Council.



The Constitution guarantees…

- a student council with members elected by Campbell students;

- a voice in the homerooms through the CAP reps;

- a voice with school administration, the parent council, and the school board, and;

- student representation in various areas of interest, such as Arts, Music, and Sports.



The Constitution at a glance



1 Reason for the SLC
2 Snapshot of the SLC Structure
3 Getting on the SLC/Vacancies
4 Decision making/Impeachment/Advisors
5 Ratification/Amendments
6 Bylaws: Meeting Rules
7-8 Bylaws: Roles and responsibilities by position
9 Bylaws: Committees/Rules of Order/Vacancies/Amendments
10-11 Appendices: Guidelines for potential SLC candidates
12-13 Appendices: Election nomination form
14-15 Appendices: Application to SLC form
16 Appendices: General member responsibilities
17 Appendices: CAP information



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