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Spectrum Yearbook 2011-12


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Executive Meetings- Wednesdays after school in the Yearbook Office

General Contributing Staff Member meetings: TBA


How Can You Help?

Any students who have pictures that you feel would/should be added to this year's edition of Spectrum, please see Mr. Macaulay in the Yearbook Office (across from the Auto Mech Lab) or Graphic Arts/ Communication Media Rm. 132.


Executive Staff, Student Editors, Teaching Staff Contributors and Members


Executive Staff:

  • Mr. Macaulay: Yearbook Advisor

Student Editors:

  • Photography: Jocelyn Fleury; Assistan Editor: Hanna Macaulay
  • Design/Layout/: Daylen Yaremko; Assistant Editors: Zunaira Toor, Jasmeet Khuber
  • Copy: Sehar Parvez; Assistant Editors: Emery Alberts, Mehruba Zaman
  • SLC Liason: Sehar ParvezSehar Parvez

Teaching Staff Contributors:

  • Mr. Thomas: Photography, Design/Layout Consultant,
  • Mr. Buisson: Teacher Enforcer Extraordinaire


Every Yearbook needs contributors, whether for writing copy, design ideas or photography.

General staff meetings for members provide an opportunity for those interested in helping out with their Yearbook to contribute their thoughts, ideas and photographs.

All interested students are welcome!