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Guidance Academic Support



The Campbell Guidance Office provides the following Academic supports:


Academic Interventions/Student Support Services

This service can be requested by a student, parent or teacher.

Campbell Collegiate offers Learning Resource support to both English and French Immersion students in the regular high school program. The goal of the program is to provide academic support for students with learning disabilities or with mild to moderate learning difficulties. Participants in the program receive one hour of tutorial each day instead of an elective course. The program provides one-on-one help with assignments, essay writing, reports and projects. In addition, learning strategies such as study skills, test taking strategies, time management and organizational skills are taught. Students in the program work in a quiet, small group setting and have access to computers for project research and word processing. The academic progress of the student is monitored by the Learning Resource teacher through contact with the regular subject teachers. To support the student’s learning, suggestions for adaptations are prepared by the Learning Resource teacher and shared with the classroom teacher. Students entering the program are recommended by their classroom teacher or by their elementary Learning Resource teacher.


Graduation Requirements

Regular Program

For complete Grade 10 standing, candidates must acquire a minimum of eight credits: English Language Arts A 10 and B 10, one of Social Studies 10 or History 10 or Native Studies 10, Science 10, one Mathematics level 10, and three level 10 or higher electives are compulsory.

For complete Grade 11 standing, students must acquire a minimum of 16 credits. English Language Arts 20 and 20 level Mathematics are compulsory.

For complete Grade 12 standing, students must acquire a minimum of 24 credits, five of which must be at the Grade 12 level. English Language Arts A 30 and B 30 are compulsory. One of Social Studies 30 or History 30 or Native Studies 30 (Canadian Studies requirement) plus one credit from each of the science and social science areas of study at the Grade 11 or 12 level are compulsory. In addition, two credits are required from the arts education and practical and applied arts areas and one credit from the health/physical education area of study at the 10, 20, or 30 level.

Students require nine elective courses at the secondary level. These courses include at least six at the Grade 11 and 12 level. To fulfill elective requirements, students may choose courses from the Required Areas of Study, the practical and applied arts, language courses, and locally developed courses. In addition, students may acquire one credit for an out-of-school personal learning initiative (special project credit effective September, 1997).

French Immersion/Bilingual Program

Students must meet French language arts policy (September, 1997) (one English language arts and one Français immersion language arts at each grade level), and all other requirements under the regular policy. They must have 12 credits in which the course was delivered in the French language. Sciences sociale immersion 30 may be used to meet the Canadian Studies requirement at the Grade 12 level. A minimum of 4 credits taken in French is required for Grade 10; 8 for Grade 11; and 12 for Grade 12.

Students require eight elective courses at the secondary level. These courses include at least five at the Grade 11 and 12 level.



Out of Province Transfers

Students entering a Saskatchewan high school from outside of Canada must forward their academic records to the Ministry of Education for consideration of equivalency standing. Original documents or certified copies are required.

Their mailing address is:

Office of the Registrar

Ministry of Education

Regina Center Crossing

128 - 1621 Albert Street

Regina SK   S4P 2F5

Ph (306) 787-2511

Students transferring from other provinces or territories in Canada, and/or different school division in the area must register through High School Registration Center.


School certified copies can be obtained through the Guidance Office.  They are prepared and ready to pick up within 24 hours of your request.

University Classes

The U of R's Accelerated Program allows High School Student to take first-year University classes prior to graduating from Grade 12!  For complete information see UR X-Celerating!