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Homework Help

Do you need help with your classes or just want to improve your marks ?

We have a few OPTIONS for you !




    • Contact one of our counselors to discuss professional tutoring options.


  • Or if you are interested in tutoring and would like to have your information posted on this page, please let the Guidance Office know.


Tutor List for 2017/2018

 **Please note: This is a listing of tutors only.

Regina Public School Division neither endorses nor monitors any one individual. 





Chemistry 20 & 30
Ken Kenaschuk, B. Ed.  (Retired Teacher) 306-584-0771
Gr. 9-11 Math, Foundation 30, Workplace Math 30, Science 10, Physical Science 10 and Chemistry 30

Jeff Greenslade


English Gr. 9 - 12

Binod Subedi

Text: 306-540-5658

Gr. 9-11 Math, Physical Science 20 and Chemistry 30

Ken Kenaschuk, B. Ed.  (Retired Teacher)

Text: 306-584-0771

Mathematics  Grade 9 - 12 (excluding Calculus 30)

Lyle McKee, B. Ed. 

(Retired Teacher)


Text: 306-550-1520

Will not be availabe in February and March

Math 9 - Pre-calculus 30 (inclusive), Calculus 30, and French Imm. Math

Karen Woolley, B. Ed.  (Teacher)



Math, French, Psychology, English Lorell Linke

Mathematics 9 & 10 Amanda Hoffman, B. Ed (Teacher)

306-565-6133 (Home)

306-737-4715 (Cell)
Mathematics Evelyn Tischer

Mathematics (9-12) Dipra Mitra, Ph.D.


Mathematics (9-12), Accounting
Dr. Dharmesh Dave, Ph.D.

Mathematics Luke Akinrinlola, Teacher

Mathematics (9-11) Frank Macera


Math up to Gr. 12 Foundations & Sciance Gr. 7-11

Heather McGregor

Specializing from Grade 9 Math to Calculus 30

Ramona Vigneron

(Retired Sr. Math Teacher)

306-586-1663 (Home)

306-527-2447 (Cell)
Math & Science Linda Liu

Math & Physics Quinn More




 Some websites for extra help/practice:           


University or Regina Tutor's Registry

Following link has been provided to us as a courtesy from U of R. Campbell Collegiate hasn't interviewed any of these individuals.

It is your responsibility to choose a tutor that meets your needs.

(choose the class - ignore the course number - click find)


Regina Public Library Homework Help Program:

Need Help with your homework?  This program is for students in grades 5 - 12 who need support with their schoolwork.  Bring appropriate texts and notebooks, plus assignment instructions.  Volunteers are qualified students at the university level.  Pre-registration is not required for this confidential free program.

Sunrise Library 3130 E. Woodhams Drive - every Tuesday 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm - September 17 to November 26

Glen Elm Library 1601 Dewdney Avenue E. - every Wednesday 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm - September 18 to November 27

Sherwood Village Library 6121 Rochdale Boulevard - every Wednesday 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm - September 18 to November 27