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2014-15 Teaching Staff


Campbell Collegiate 2014-15 Staff

Name   Position/Area


Hock, Cindy   Principal

Ibbott Neiszner, Hillary  

Panko, Mick   Vice-Principal



Adams, Kelly   Health, Wellness, English

Alexander, Holly   Social Studies, History

Anders, Sheri-Lynn   Practical & Applied Arts/Math  
Anderson, Aaron   Social Studies, English  
Anderson, Kathy   Elementary Music  
Atchison, Jes   English

Baird, Deidre   Choral

Baird, Russell   Choral

Bates, Roberta   Guidance Counsellor

Belle, James   French Immersion Studies  
Birgan-Deacon, Yasemin   English as an Additional Language  
Brandt, Jared   Math Mr. Brandt's Page 
Buisson, Rene   Welding, PAA  
Chammartin, Michel   Drama/French Immersion Studies

Chan, Christine   French Immersion Mathematics

Cherkas, Ron   Wellness/Health/Physical Education

Ron's Website
Christoffel, Rob   Physics/Science

Schedule; Christoffel's Physics Links
Clark, Dale   Drafting  
Coleman, Kristin   English  
Cook, Lacey   Food Studies/Practical and Applied Arts

Cook Homepage
Corbin, Heather   Mathematics/Mathematiques

classes; MathHelp
Dawson, Joanne   Mathematics  
Elberg, Tanya   ESL/LRT

Foreman, Dallas   Science/Biology/Chemistry

Pre IB Science 10 Class

Science 10 Class

Biology 20 Class

Forrest, Tyler   English  
Fortier-Frecon, Naomi   French Immersion Studies

Friesen, Dawna   Mathematics

Mrs. D. Friesen's Wiki


Frizzell, Kelly   L.R.T

Math Classes
Grasdal, Peter   Science

Greenslade, Jeff   Science/Chemistry

Mr. G's Classes
Haacke, Brian   Auto Mechanics/Practical and Applied Arts  
Hack, Karin   English  
Hall, Ryan   English/Psychology

Mr. Hall's English Blitz; Tartan Football
Hanline, Dan   Music - Guitar/Band/Social Studies

Harlos, Erin   Social Studies/History
Hayduk, Hilary   Science/Chemistry

Hilts-Most, Barb   Tutorial  
Hodgson, Jacinthe   French Immersion Studies

Holinaty, Carissa   Business Education  
Hominuke, James   Mathematics  
Howell, Maureen   Special Education

Ingenthron, Lacey   Practical and Applied Arts

Irving, Amanda   Social Studies, History

Kjeldsen, Barbara   English  
Kohler, Gisela   German/Core French  
Kuntz-Zech, Shaela   Special Education

Kuster-Vancise, Pam   Tutorial  
Labar-Ahmed, Laurel   French Immersion  
Labas, Jill   Social Sciences Classes
Laing, Leia   French Immersion Studies  
Lax, Shelley   Tutorial

Learning Resource
LeDressay, Debbie   Guidance

Leibel, Lorena   Physical Education/Wellness Mrs. Leibel's Wordpress
Lenihan, Kelsie   English  
Lloyd, Darren   Physics

Lucci, Candice   Mathematics">  
Lynch, Jessica   Health/Wellness/Math/Science  
Macaulay, Barry   Communication Media/Graphic Arts/Design St./Photographics

Macaulay: Graphic Arts/ Communication Media/Design
MacDonald, Karen   Science/Biology  
Marchtaler, Shaune   Visual Art/Practical and Applied Arts 9  
McFadden, Tim   History/Social Studies  
McFarlen, Jordan  

Business Education @MrMcFarlen
McGeough, Laurie   Special Education

McLeod, Erin   Tutorial

McMillen, Shayne   Science/Biology  
Miller, Mr. Todd   History

Montague, Nicolle   Visual Arts Ms. Montague's Wikispaces
Moroz, Amy   Mathematics  
Nagel, Bill   PE/Wellness/Science  
Neithercut, Lorne   Psychology/History  
O'Hagan, Rory   English/Theory of Knowledge

Oleson, Jennifer   English Ms. Oleson's HomePage
Olson, Mia   Special Education  
Ostapovitch, Loretta   Mathematics  
Park, Danielle   Mathematics/Science/Life Transitions

Ms. Park's Wordpress; Ms. Park's Twitter
Peters, Darren   Biology

Peters, Michelle   Biology Bio30; Bio20
Peters, Scott   Band  
Pon, Terrance   Teacher-Librarian

Proud, Karen   Health/Wellness/Science/Physical Education  
Ransom, Brian   IB Coordinator/French

Redl. Will   Physical Education  
Reilly, Carl   Computer Science/Mathematics  
Rogers, Cyndi   Special Education

Ross, Robin   English/Tutorial

Sandomirsky, Jessica   Food Studies/Practical and Applied Arts  
Sebastian, Danielle   English ELA A30
Sprungala, Alisa   Math

Stevens, Brendan   English

Stinson, Craig   Tutorial/English  
Stoner, Glenna   English  
Sturtz, Corby   Tutorial  
Sundeen, Joni   Mathematics


Teece-Nieblas, Deborah   English/Spanish/French

Thomas, Jonathan   Construction/Practical and Applied Arts

Thorson, Trudy   English as an Additional Language  
Toffan, Calvin   Mathematics

Turner, Shelly   Mathematics  
Vickaryous, James   Special Education  
Weir, Ted   Psychology/History/Social Studies  
Wilkinson, Travis   Elementary Music  

Wood, Tanis


Classes; MathHelp
Yeo, Joanne   French Immersion Studies