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Rob Christoffel's Home Page

At the end of the semester students can make a $20 donation to the Multiple Sclerosis Society and in return they will receive the gift of  the PDF file containing all pages of the books used to present Science 9, Physics 20 and Physics 30 this sememster.  We are hoping to raise another $1000 for MS this way.  $1000/$20 = 50 anything in excess is a bonus for the MS Society.  Students are on their honour not to share the files they receive.  This will encourage more students to make donations to the cause.


Physics 20 - Wave Nature of Light - Self Study


MS~YBT (Multiple Sclerosis Youth Bike Tour)


This year the MS Youth Bike Tour will run on May 26!

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 Grade 11 Physics students may find this video on YouTube quite useful



EnvisioN Project Link

Christoffel's Daily Blog - Assignments and such

Course Introductions are at the bottom of the page.

Mr. Christoffel teaches Physics, and Science here at Campbell Collegiate.

Period Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrursday Friday
1 8:30 Prep
Prep Prep Prep Prep
2 9:56 Physics 30
Physics 30 Physics 30 Physics 30 Physics 30
3 11:02 Physics 30 Physics 30 Physics 30 Physics 30 Physics 30


Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch

 A good physics resource can be found at:


Richard Feynman is one of the most incredible Physics Teachers ever.  His knowledge and way of relaying information made for one of the most interesting teachers of this difficult subject.  His lectures are famous.  Several websites highlight his work.

Youtube has several videos of his.




The Dancin Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav is an overview of modern physics.

Author's Introduction to The Dancing Wu Li Masters:

My first exposure to quantum physics occurred a few years ago when a friend invited me to an afternoon conference at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, California. At that time, I had no connections with the scientific community, so I went to see what physicists were like. To my great surprise, I discovered that (1), I understood everything that they said, and (2), their discussion sounded very much like a theological discussion. I scarcely could believe what I had discovered. Physics was not the sterile, boring discipline that I had assumed it to be. It was a rich, profound venture which had become inseparable from philosophy. Incredibly, no one but physicists seemed to be aware of this remarkable development. As my interest in and knowledge of physics grew, I resolved to share this discovery with others. This book is a gift of my discovery. It is one of a series.

Vihart is an exceptional young lady on Youtube. She presents concepts in mathematics and physics which are extremely well-done and at times insightful. Please check out her piece on sound at:




He has taught at the following schools

Year School Year School Year School
1984/85 Gull Lake High School 1995/96 Campbell Collegiate (DH)
2006/07 Robert Usher Collegiate (LL)
1985/86 Gull Lake High School 1996/97 Campbell Collegiate (DH)
2007/08 Robert Usher Collegiate (LL)
1986/87 Gull Lake High School 1997/98 Campbell Collegiate (DH)
2008/09 Campbell Collegiate (LL/CL)
1987/88 U of R
  - Completing Physics and Education degrees
1998/99 Campbell Collegiate (DH)
2009/10 Campbell Collegiate (LL/CL)
1988/89 Gull Lake High School 1999/00 Stewart Russell (VP)
2010/11 Campbell Collegiate (LL/CL)
1989/90 Gull Lake High School 2000/01 Stewart Russell (VP)
2011/12 Campbell Collegiate (LL/CL)
1990/91 Gull Lake High School 2001/02 Ruth M. Buck (VP)
2012/13 Campbell Collegiate
  - Completed Graduate degree
1991/92 Martin Collegiate 2002/03 Ruth M. Buck (VP)
2013/14 Campbell Collegiate
1992/93 Martin Collegiate 2003/04 Ruth M. Buck (VP)
2014/15 Campbell Collegiate
1993/94 Martin Collegiate 2004/05 Ruth M. Buck (VP)
2015/16 Campbell Collegiate
1994/95 Campbell Collegiate (DH)
2005/06 Robert Usher Collegiate (LL)
 2016/17 Campbell Collegiate