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Campbell SLC 2016-2017 Executive

Campbell Collegiate SLC Executive & Biographies

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  1. President - Ayesha Azam
  2. Vice President - Jocelyn King
  3. Treasurer - Rachel Yang
  4. Grade 12 Rep - Liam Cowman
  5. Grade 11 Rep - Bill Yang
  6. Grade 11 Rep - Jayda Curtis
  7. Grade 11 Rep - Joanne Peng
  8. Grade 10 Rep - Rileigh Ann
  9. Grade 10 Rep - Hallee Mandryk
  10. Grade 10 Rep - Harsh Josan
  11. Grade 9 Rep - Maren Rogers
  12. Grade 9 Rep - Jason Zhao
  13. Grade 9 Rep - Jung Yi Cau
  14. Secretary - Tanvi Pandya
  15. Technology Rep - Jacob Sawatzky
  16. Yearbook Rep - Aqsa Hussain




Ayesha Azam (President)

Hey there Tartans! My name is Ayesha Azam and I’m the President of this great council. This is my second year on the SLC and I am so excited to make it the best year yet! I am super involved in the school and always have something to do and somewhere to be but don’t let that stop you from asking me anything! I love goats, sushi and traveling (so far I’ve been to eight countries) but most importantly I love making Campbell a better place for all of our Tartans. So long story short YOU are my #1 priority and I hope I can show you that this year!


Jocelyn King (Vice President)

Hey there Campbell! My name is Jocelyn and I'm going to be your Vice President this year. This is my first year on the SLC, but don't you worry because I'm prepared to make this one of the best years yet! I enjoy basketball, romantic movies, all cats and dogs, and the colour purple. If you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask me! I'll be more than happy to help you with school, give you a good movie to watch, or even some advice to get the special someone! I'm so excited to get to know you all! Have a good one Tartans!


Rachel Yang (Treasurer)

Hello, Tartans! My name is Rachel Yang and I am so excited to be your Treasurer this year! It's my last year here at Campbell, so my goal is to work my hardest to pump up the Tartan spirit and plan awesome activities for you all. Other than the SLC, I am also involved with the Social Justice Club, the Business Club and hopefully the badminton team this year. If I had a superpower, it would be the ability to make anything with origami. One of my roles in the SLC is to represent you, fellow students, so don't hesitate to come talk to me if you have any suggestions for us!


Liam Cowman (Grade 12 Rep)

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys who were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
She said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air."


Bill Yang (Grade 11 Rep)

Hey hey hey Tartans!!! My name is William Yang, better known as Bill, and I’m honoured to be your Grade 11 Rep for this year’s SLC! I am in the full IB Diploma program here at Campbell and I am involved in many clubs ranging from Social Justice, to Treasury, to Campbell’s concert band, as well as extra-curricular activities outside of school. So you can be sure to find me running around everywhere trying to get where I need to be. If you ever catch me walking cluelessly down the halls, so basically always, come and talk to me. If you have any questions, concerns, or just need a friend to talk to, stop me at any time! Here is to an amazing year! Go Tartans!!!


Jayda Curtis (Grade 11 Rep)

Yo yo campbell. My name is Jayda Curtis and I'm your grade 11 rep for this school year. I'm super pumped to get more students involved in activities and spirit days that we plan. I hope to make it cool again to participate and show your school spirit! I am super friendly and pretty outgoing so if I haven't talked to you yet feel free to say heyyyyyy or ask any questions(: I'm on the soccer team for our school and love doing yoga and running. The great Albert Einstein once said " Imagination is more important than knowledge. " Now just because I agree with Albert Einstein on one subject does that make me as smart as him? Yes. Can't wait for this year Campbell.


Joanne Peng (Grade 11 Rep)

Hey there Campbell! My name is Joanne Peng, and I am one of your Grade 11 Representatives for the SLC this year.

I take part in many extracurricular and music programs here at Campbell. I am currently part of Social Justice, Business Club, Me to We, Campbell String Orchestra, Toastmasters, and the case team! And if that’s not enough to keep me busy, the I.B. Diploma program sure takes up my time!

If you see someone rushing from class to class with a backpack like a turtle shell on their back, that’s probably me! Don’t be afraid to say hi, and pitch your ideas to me.


Rileigh Ann (Grade 10 Rep)

Hey everyone! Rileigh here! I'm super excited to be one of your grade 10 reps this year! I know I have a lot to learn, but I will do my best to be the best for you! I do walk pretty fast down the halls of Campbell, but please don't let that stop you from asking me a question or even say a friendly hello! I enjoy playing with my dog Memphis who wishes she was a cat, and being involved in the music program. You can often find me in the auditorium at lunch, or even right after in musical theatre! I hope to have an amazing year this year, and remember an ego is never an amigo... Too bad I'm not in Spanish class:)


Hallee Mandryk (Grade 10 Rep)

Hello Campbell! My name is Hallee Mandryk and I am one of your Gr. 10 reps for the 2016-2017 school year! Aside from SLC, I am heavily involved in the music program. Including choir, vocal jazz, chamber choir, and musical theatre. I love animals (mainly my dog Penny and bunny Patches). If you see me in the hallway, be sure to send a smile my way or mention any suggestions you have for this year's SLC events. If you can't find me in the auditorium, odds are I'm be at dance. Hopefully the 2016-2017 school year will be the best one yet.


Harsh Josan (Grade 10 Rep)

Hello Everyone! my name is Harsharan Josan, or better known as Harsh the friendly neighborhood Grade 10 Rep. In my spare time i like to play Soccer and Basketball. At the school I am involved with Me to We, the Business club and color your mind. I am looking forward to making this school year one of the best years you will spend at Campbell

Maren Rogers (Grade 9 Rep)

Hi Campbell, I’m Maren Rogers one of your three grade nine representatives this year! I’m super excited to share an awesome first year at Campbell with the SLC. When I’m not with the SLC I’m usually helping out with Best Buddies or writing down a story that popped into my head! I’m still pretty new to Campbell but I can’t wait to participate in everything it has to offer… and find my way around!! I have a feeling that the 2016/17 school year is going to be a great one, and I can’t wait!


Jason Zhao (Grade 9 Rep)

Whats up Campbell!!! My names Jason Zhao and I’m one of your Grade 9 reps on the Campbell SLC. Glad to be part of the Tartans family and to be involved around the school. Other than SLC I am part of the Me to We team, The Campbell Music Program and outside of School I play Hockey and Badminton. I am friendly and love to make jokes. If you see me getting bullied by my locker you should come help!... JK, but seriously you should say “Hi” if you see me in the hallways. I look forward to a great year at Campbell and being on your SLC!


Jung Yi Cau (Grade 9 Rep)

Ay what's up Campbell it's yo boi Jung Yi Cau. Anyway like it says to the ⬅️, I am one of the Grade 9 reps (the best one) for the SLC of 2016-2017. I'm part of many things such as SJC, Business club and I'm even in a math class so I gotta be pretty smart, right? When you think you see someone that's me in the hallway, help make seem me popular by talking to me, ask questions or even give a quick but passionate wave. So don't worry about having to change a lightbulb because with the SLC here, it's already lit. ✳️


Tanvi Padya (Secretary)

Hi Campbell, I am Tanvi. I am super excited to be on the council for the second year in a row! Along with SLC, I am the President of Business Club and also involved with the community organizations such as Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Aside of school, I love doing yoga and meditation! Enough of me now! It's your turn Campbell now! If you ever see me in the hallway, please feel free to come and talk to me for any concerns you may have! Always happy to chat!


Jacob Sawatzky (Technology Rep)

My name is Jacob Sawatzky and I'm the SLC tech representative for the 2016-17 year! You won't see me often during assemblies because I would be helping run things behind the scenes but I am out in the open during other events. I have worked on a few other musicals as a stagehand and lighting technician and have even performed myself a few times. I have a deep appreciation of music and stage work so whenever you or someone else is on stage; I will try my best to make them look, and sound good! I'm excited for this year at campbell and look forward to being a part of the SLC.


Aqsa Hussain (Yearbook Rep)

Hi hi! I'm Aqsa! I'm the Yearbook Rep on SLC. You can usually find me at school events, running around with a camera to get all those angles. I'm in grade 12 and IB so I'm usually drowning in homework, but that doesn't keep me from guiding the Me To We Team. I'm passionate about social issues which I like to express through poetry and hopefully in the future, film. I also try to be athletic, so you might see me out at Douglas Park with a 3m pole preparing to vault over some bars! I'm a friend to anyone, so don't be afraid to come talk to me! :)