Big Shout Out To Ms. Labas

Dear Ms Labas:
On behalf of the Regina Board of Education and Regina Public Schools Administration, I extend congratulations to you on being chosen as a recipient of the 2021 Shared Values Recognition Program Award.
You, along with nine other Regina Public Schools employees, have been chosen because you have exemplified the Shared Values: I am responsible; I want to know; I belong; and, I respect.  You were nominated by someone in your school and/or work community and chosen by the Selection Committee comprised of the Board of Trustees.
Plans have yet to be made for how your achievement will be honoured.  We will inform you if we are able to hold an in-person event.
Thank you for being a leader among your peers by demonstrating the values that form the fundamental beliefs that guide our School Division.
Yours truly,
Adam Hicks, Chairperson Regina Board of Education