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"A Tribute to Phil"

 Phil Mattson is an award winning educator, arranger, pianist, and conductor. He is kind, considerate and extraordinarily humble. Over his 40 year career, he has enriched the lives of tens of thousands of music students through his dedication to quality and integrity in music performance and education. Phil has written over 150 vocal arrangements, many of which have become staples in the world of choral music and vocal jazz. His works have been performed and recorded by The Manhattan Transfer, The Real Group, The Four Freshman, thousands of high school, college and professional choirs as well as his own Grammy Award vocal group, The PM Singers. He recentrly received a lifetime achievement award from the Jazz Education Network (JEN) affirming his status as a legendary figure in choral music. 

Phill Mattson's second love is Harley Davidson. He has owned or restored close to 25 motorcycles over the last 50 years. His idea of the perfect two week vacation is to ride in one direction for seven days, turn around and ride back for seven days. he cites that his best thinking is done on the bike and many choral arrangements have come to him "complete" whilst on a long ride. "There is something about the machine's throaty growl and the wind in my face that wakes my muse and opens a floodgate of creativity."

It is ironic that Phil has ridden all over the world, across Europe, through Australia, from the wilds of Alaska to the mountains of Peru and never had an accident but last September he was just blocks from his home in Minneapolis when he was struck from behind by a distracted driver. He did not suffer any brain injury yet he will require full time care to manage his daily needs not be able to live on his own as the accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.

The U.S. medical insurance being what it is, Phil's insurance dollars soon evapourted. In order to assist, his loyal students and friends launched a "Go Fund Me" campaign.

We do this concert at Campbell in order to honour one of the most important contributors, musicians, arrangers, philosophers and teachers of the modern choral music era to both acknowledge his gifts to students and audiences everywhere and also to fund raise for the Go Fund Me campaign.

Thank you for your kindness in supporting both our concert and our campaign. 100% of the funds donated this evening will go directly to the GFM campaign to support Phil in his time of need.

Thank you!

Parent Portal Attendance

Parents, please be advised that the Parent Portal program was initially set up to show student attendance for each quarter, from September to November mid-term; and then November to January.  As a result of this initial software setting,  Parent Portal may not have shown student absences for the entire semester.


We have changed the software to now show attendance for the entire semester in order to avoid any potential confusion. The final assessment incentive will continue to be applied based on the attendance for the entire semester.


As always, parents are asked to correct any errors in attendance within five days of their appearance on Parent Portal. We apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused you and we hope to continue to work with you to ensure all students have great attendance records.


For more information about our high schools and the High School Attendance Strategy, please visit:

Semester II Open House


Campbell Collegiate

Open House


Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

For more information check at later date

Regina Public Schools Administrative Procedure 111

At this time, we just want to send a clarification to all staff and students that Regina Public Schools Administrative Procedure 111 applies to e-cigarettes and vapour cigarettes in addition to traditional tobacco products.


The Administrative Procedure is attached here as a PDF.


Smoking -- including tobacco products, e-cigarettes, or vapour cigarettes -- on school property and during school activities is prohibited.


Campbell Student Represents Canada at World Food Prize - Global Youth Institute

Grade 12 Student and Campbell Business Club President Tanvi Pandya along with Campbell Business Teacher, Mr. McFarlen attended the Global Youth Institute at the World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa from October 13th to October 15th. Tanvi was one of only 4 students selected to represent Canada at the event. The conference included government, business and students from around the world. Recently, the research paper Tanvi wrote to be selected for the event was published online and can be found here. For more information about how you can apply to attend this amazing learning opportunity next year please see Mr. McFarlen.



Campbell QSA on Gender-Neutral Washrooms

Recently the Campbell Queer-Straight Alliance was asked to comment on the decision to include gender-neutral washrooms in the new Regina Public Schools set to open in September 2017.

Well done on the interview!

The full story is available on Global News.

Updated Attendance Strategy

The High School Attendance Strategy and Intervention Plan has been updated for the 2016/17 School Year. The document is available in the left hand "School" navigation menu.

Scent-Free Facility

Just a reminder that Campbell Collegiate is a scent-free facility!

Please avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, and also spraying scented products in the school.



The Administrative Procedure 113 is attached.

The School Enrollment Exemption


The School Enrollment Exemption Application Form (available under Document Library link) is to be used in ALL cases when a student is enrolling from outside the school’s attendance area.


School Guidelines for the attached "School Enrollment Exemption Application Form":

  1. Any parent/guardian wishing to enroll a student into a school which is outside the attendance area for a school must complete the “School Enrollment Exemption Application Form.” The dates included on the form are for registrations for the next school year.

  2. Approval Process:

    1. High School: If the first criterion applies (shown below), then the principal can approve. (Copy sent to Superintendent.)

    2. Out-of-Attendance Area, Living in the City of Regina (proof of address with legal guardian will be required)

    3. Siblings of continuing students in the school whose residence falls outside the school’s attendance area.

    4. If other than the first criterion and the principal seeks approval, a copy is emailed to the superintendent for review.

    5. Out-of-Attendance Area, Living Outside the City of Regina-all Student Enrollment Exemption application forms to be received by Division Office.

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