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2015 Provincial Champions

Congratulations Senior Girls Volleyball Team!

Reminder of Smoking Policy

Information for Parents/Guardians and Students of Campbell Collegiate.


According to Administrative Procedure 111, Smoking and the use of all tobacco products is prohibited on property owned and used by the Division. Violations of this administrative procedure are considered very seriously and appropriate significant penalties imposed by Principals on students are supported. Such penalties may include suspension from school as provided for in The Education Act, 1995.


In order to properly supervise this administrative procedure and ensure Campbell students are following the rules, the Resource Officer will be issuing tickets to students smoking on school property. This includes traditional cigarettes and Vapour cigarettes as well as any illegal substance.   Subject to the Tobacco Control Act, 11(2)(a), the ticket issued is $150.00.  Following the issuing of a ticket, the parent/ guardian will be notified by school administration.  Students will be asked to smoke on the northeast public sidewalk on Massey Road beginning on Thursday, November 12th.    The doors on the north side of Campbell will be used for Emergency Exit only.  The entrance to Campbell will be the front doors only.

Dropping Classes Deadline


Last day students can elect to drop classes – November 30th


A Cultural Exchange Program


Sask Prairie Yokohama Student Exchange (SPYSE)

SPYSE is a cultural exchange program for Grade 9 -11 students in Southern Saskatchewan and the Yamate, Gakuin High School in Yokohama, Japan. As part of the exchange, Japanese students visit Saskatchewan in April 2017 and live with their partner's family for two weeks.The Saskatchewan students travel to Japan in July 2017 and live with a host family for two weeks.

If you are interested in participating in this exchange, plase see Mme Hodgson in room 116 for more information.

Upgraded Teaching Staff

Campbell Collegiate is very proud to welcome two new teachers to our teaching staff this year!

As a result of higher enrollment than expected, we found that our grade nine classes were just a little too large. In the interest of providing our students with the best education possible, we were able to hire two new grade nine teachers. Each grade nine classroom is now five to ten students smaller than previously!

Unfortunately, this resulted in some grade nines' timetables having to be changed. We do apologize to those students who were inconvenienced by this sudden change, and we thank all of you for your patience while we sort all of the changes out!

Scent-Free Facility

Just a reminder that Campbell Collegiate is a scent-free facility!

Please avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, and also spraying scented products in the school.



The Administrative Procedure 113 is attached.

Registration Forms

The 2015 - 2016 registration forms are available online under Document Library link


The School Enrollment Exemption Application Form (available under Document Library link) is to be used in ALL cases when a student is enrolling from outside the school’s attendance area.


School Guidelines for the attached "School Enrollment Exemption Application Form":

  1. Any parent/guardian wishing to enroll a student into a school which is outside the attendance area for a school must complete the “School Enrollment Exemption Application Form.” The dates included on the form are for registrations for the next school year.

  2. Approval Process:

    1. High School: If the first criterion applies (shown below), then the principal can approve. (Copy sent to Superintendent.)

    2. Out-of-Attendance Area, Living in the City of Regina (proof of address with legal guardian will be required)

    3. Siblings of continuing students in the school whose residence falls outside the school’s attendance area.

    4. If other than the first criterion and the principal seeks approval, a copy is emailed to the superintendent for review.

    5. Out-of-Attendance Area, Living Outside the City of Regina-all Student Enrollment Exemption application forms to be received by Division Office.

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