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Research resources


Beginning your research
Use the following resources to gain valuable background knowledge and to generate interesting questions before finalizing a topic.

How to use it

Search for resources in Campbell Library. Log in as "XCAM", password is "ipac". Available only at school.

Gale Virtual Reference Library Search for information on Arts, Biography, Business, Education, Environment, General Reference, History, Information and Publishing, Law, Litrature, Medicine, Multicultural Studies, Nation and World, Religion, Science, Social Science, and Technology. Available at home from the Regina Public Library.

Search recently published information found in magazines and journals. You can choose between searching all databases or only those you need. Ask the Teacher-Librarian for login information to use at home.

Canadian Points of View On this list, scroll down to "Canadian Points of View".Search multiple points of view on topics with a Canadian focus. Available at home from the Regina Public Library.
Encyclopedia Brittanica Search this resource to find background information on a topic. Available at home from the Regina Public Library.
Universalis Junior
French Online
Faites de la recherche dans cette encyclopédie française. Seulement disponible à l'école.


Faites la recherche des periodiques en français. Disponible chez vous via Regina Public Library.
ProQuest Search multiple Canadian resources using this database. Available at home from the Regina Public Library.
Canadian Encyclopedia Search subjects that have had significance on Canada. Bilingual.
Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan Search subjects that have had significance on Saskatchewan.

Current events
Use these resources to find out about our rapidly changing world.

How to use it

Check this site for regional, Canadian, and international news.

CIA World Factbook

Need quick facts about a particular country? Click on the World Factbook to find out what information the CIA has. This resource is updated twice/year.

Press Display

Newspapers from 97 countries in 54 languages. Available at home through the Regina Public Library.

Presenting your ideas
Looking for a new way to present your research? Try these tools.


How to use it


Express yourself through a weblog. Add music, photos, and video to your words.
Prezi This simple online tool creates zooming presentations that you can use in place of PowerPoint.