Our School

Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 school year.


Regina Public School students are among the best in the world and consistently attain outstanding results.  At Campbell Collegiate, our students are no exception.  They consistently achieve at or above the provincial average and are recipients of many scholarly awards. We have a proud tradition of delivering strong academic, athletic, and artistic programs.

Since its opening in 1964, Campbell Collegiate has strived for the best learning environments for students.  Recognizing the need to provide choice for all students, it continues to offer a variety of programs to help prepare our students for advanced study, business and trades courses.  We are ensuring our students have a globally responsive, interest based, educational learning experience.

 We believe that in order to prepare our students to live well in a future that embraces change and high levels of technology, we must be open to new ways of thinking. Students will need to be creative and innovative in order to make their way in the world beyond high school.  They will need to be digitally able, problem solvers, and critical thinkers in order to address issues that we have not yet explored.

We believe our students flourish in an environment where a variety of high quality learning opportunities are offered through extensive program choices designed to accommodate diverse learning styles, needs, interests and abilities.  Our teachers seek educational experiences that spark purpose, meaning, interest, and authenticity to ignite student passions.

Campbell Collegiate nurtures a school environment that allows students to excel, to be contributing citizens, and to be well prepared for their future.  We believe our students need to be both informed and involved; to possess the character to do what is ethically right; and to achieve their highest personal potential.  We strive to foster learning, growth, and the development of the whole youth.

We look forward to an outstanding school year.  We invite you to contact us any time.


Nancy Buisson        Jason Janssen       Dylan Johns