Campbell Collegiate Community Council

Welcome to your Community Council

The Campbell Collegiate Community Council is a group of parents, administrators and teachers who are working to build community in our school. 
Our goal is to answer parents' questions about how to best support their kids' experience in high school. 
Our meetings are an opportunity to ask questions and to receive information through presentations and guest speakers. 
As a council, we also fund the purchasing of materials for the school (eg. technology, library books) and support the school's learning objectives and strategic plan.


Campbell Collegiate Community Council – 2018-2019

Elected Members

Chair: Greta Lange

Vice Chair: Tammi Morash

Treasurer: Robin Treso

Secretary: Naomi Shanks

Member at large: Lorri Ewart, Susan Cipywnyk and Dianna Ghanniabadi


Appointed Members

Principal: Nancy Buisson

Vice Principal: Kelsey Panko

Vice Principal: Lance Elder



Campbell Collegiate Community Council Meeting Dates

All parents and community members are welcome to attend!

Monthly meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are held in the Conference Room directly across from the Main Office.


Upcoming 2018-2019 Meetings

- September 24, 2018

- October 22, 2018 - AGM

- December 3, 2018

- January 21, 2019

- March 25, 2019

- May 27, 2019



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