Addictions Counselor

Introducing Matthew Nalder, our Addictions Counselor and a member of the Youth team at Child and Youth Services in Regina.  The Saskatchewan Health Authority does outreach to the community by having Addictions Counselors in every high school.  Matthew is available to meet with students by appointment, every Wednesday.  Parents are invited to email or call Matthew directly if they have any questions.  If parents wish to have their child seen by Matthew please contact one of the Guidance


Hello Fellow Tartans, Parents And Alumni. Bee-Aware is an Entrepreneurship 30 Junior Achievement company. We are raising awareness for endangered Honey Bee’s. Honey Bees are going extinct because of overuse of pesticides in crops.


Campbell’s QSA is very active in the building and in the community. This group has already hosted a bake sale fundraiser, a Trans Day of Remembrance, attended the GSA Summit and currently is planning the Queer Prom.  Campbell’s QSA is a group that works hard to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ students in the building,  but also provides outreach to other schools and community groups.