Student Citizenship Awards

OCTOBER 27, 2022 -- Public Schools of Saskatchewan will be recognizing public school student groups or classes that support citizenship or character building within their schools or community by providing annual Student Citizenship Awards. Student groups or classes at elementary and high school will be recognized for their contributions. There will be three $1,000 awards for Grades 1 to 8 and three $1,000 awards for Grades 9 to 12.

Read details and find the application form here: Public-Section-Student-Citizenship-Awards-Information-and-Application-2023.pdf

SHA COVID Guidelines

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 should self-isolate immediately at home or in another suitable environment, regardless of your vaccination status. It is recommended that you self-isolate for five days from the date of test or 24 hours since any fever has resolved without the aid of fever-reducing medications and all other symptoms are improving for at least 48 hours, whichever is later.

Board Chair and Vice-Chair Acclaimed

September 14, 2022 -- At the Organizational Meeting of the Regina Board of Education held last evening, Tara Molson was declared elected by acclamation to the office of Chairperson, effective immediately, and Sarah Cummings Truszkowski was declared elected by acclamation to the position of Vice-Chairperson, effective immediately.


In addition, the Board adopted the following motion:

Academic Awards

You're invited!


Campbell students and families, 

We are celebrating last year's academic achievements this Thursday, September 15th, 2022. Please join us in recognizing our honour roll students as well as other academic award recipients. If you haven't already heard from your CAP teacher about the upcoming event, please touch base with them! 


Grade 9s (2021-22) - 6:30PM

Grade 10s (2021-22) - 7:30PM

Grade 11s (2021-22) - 8:30PM


Hope to see you there(in your finest semi-formal) !