Yearbook 2023-2024

 The Campbell Collegiate Yearbook is developed by students taking a Photography 20 course.  This course gives students the exciting opportunity to be part of a professional publication before graduating high school.  This year the Yearbook classes will take place in both semesters.  At the conclusion of the year, the yearbook will be complete, with the exception of any graduation day photos.  The remainder of the book will not be added to or edited after this point without exception.  Any questions about the yearbook can be directed to Mrs. Sheri-Lynn Anders.


Frequently Asked Questions

Media Release - Why is my student photo not in the yearbook?

  • Students are required to have a signed media release in order for their school picture to appear in the yearbook alongside their name. 
  • Pending Media Release - Media releases for all new students are requested by the office. CAP teachers are sent a list of pending Media releases for students, generated by the office, throughout the year. All students who do not have a media release submitted to the office by the end of the year (yearbook class Quint 4) are removed from the yearbook school photos.  
  • No to Media Release – If a family does not agree to the school media release form, that student will not appear in the yearbook school photos.

No Reprints - I didn’t order a book, why can’t I get one now in September?

  • Yearbooks are listed on students online fees as optional for the entire year. Reminders are sent by CAP teachers, made over announcements, and posted on social media.
  • The yearbook is a professional publication. Single or small batch reprints are not possible. 
  • After an appropriate amount of time any “abandoned” books are resold by the office. This may be up to a year after printing and there are absolutely no guarantees in getting a copy. 


Who Chooses Yearbook Content? (Why wasn't this included?)

  • Yearbook is a credit class. Those who take the class decide on the content that will be included. 
  • There is no guarantee that submitted content by anyone not in the class will fit the criteria of the final editing process. 


*A note about senior quotes. There have been many legal issues with divisions in recent years regarding inappropriate quotes. Three years ago, students were asked what they thought worked well and what they didn't like and would like to get rid of. Senior quotes were a unanimous decision amongst the students to be removed.