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Library Art Installation 2012

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Library Art Installation 2012


The following artists created a beautiful installation around the perimeter of Campbell Library.

Click on the name of the artist for more information:


Aaron OkeeweehowAlexis LaplanteAmi CheonAnnette Friesen

Barid TempleBelgis ShakouriBen SeftonBenjamin Chernoff

Bradly SchneiderBrandon JacobsonBrendan AndersonBrett Davidson

Brittany JetmundsonBrittney Musleh

Cassandra VirginCatherine SandisonChristian WilliamsChristina Karaza

Christos DarlasisChristy BetcherCourtney LanouetteCourtney Stinson

Dalton FischerDana LiebeDaniel DunkleyDaniel MurphyDevina Persaud

Emily LarsonErich Meister

Gina Ali

Hanna D'AndreaHannah ParkerHayley HeronHunter Dooley

Indigo BrodieIrena Dilyon 1Irena Dilyon 2

Jack ReidyJae (Brian) ShinJaxson MillerJerin IslamJin Kim

John LasbyJoo Hee (Fiona) Hwang 1 Joo Hee (Fiona) Hwang 2

Jordanna MatravolgyiJun Jie WenJung Hee (Elizabeth) Huang

Ka-Eun KooKate RyanKatherine MarkewichKatie DuranKaylee Halvorson

Khaymann MikiKieffer MacLeanKimberly Burns

Lauren EvansLisa HaLisa Lai

Maaia GeisMadeline ParkerMahnoor ZahidMansi PatelMariko Sawa

Marina MartinMckenzie LowesMclean RasmussenMelanie MacDonald

Mimi MoustaphaMiranda RosinMonique DeneveMorgan King

Mr. Fogarty

Nicole Chen

Olena SitnykovaOlivia Weston-Lee

Paige SchafferPatrick Davies

Raven DelormeReta StevensonRoss ZimmermanRyan Warner

Sarah RohShanelle WaltersSpacey NamonoSuun ShinSydney Malecki

Tana FriskoTaylor RushTiffany Tsang

Yulia Shilova

Zaeema Shamim


Helping You Make Informed Choices - Mathematics



The Power Point presentations listed below as attachments will assist you in selecting Math Courses.

(Use your mouse to scroll through the pages)

Power School Parent Portal Log-In



In the event you are having difficulty setting up your account….

  • Enter the website.
  • The first page that comes up asks for a password.  Do not enter your password on this page.
  • Go to “Create Account”. 
  • The next screen that pops up is where you enter the information.

PowerSchool Parent Portal


Parent Portal

On October 19, 2011 at 3 way conferences we rolled out the new PowerSchool Parent Portal for parents/guardians. The Portal allows you to check on your child's marks and attendance any time you wish.  At 3-way conferences each family was given information on how to access the Power School Parent Portal, a username/password and how to set up a account for each child.  For those families that could not attend the 3 way conferences, they could come into the Campbell office in person to pick up their login information.

Campbell Collegiate staff has made the following commitment to the students and families of Campbell Collegiate. Any minor assignment that is handed into the teacher, will be marked and put online for students and parents to see within 5 school days. A major assignment will be marked and its mark put online within 10 school days. Please take that into consideration when checking on your student’s progress on Parent Portal.

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