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Thu. Sep. 5th @ 6 :30PM (room 114) - Gr. 9 Fr Imm Québec Information Session

Tue. Sep. 10th @ 6:30 PM (room 114) – Gr. 9 Fr Imm Québec Fundraising Meeting


Québec 2020 Tour:


Dear parents / guardians of future grade nine French Immersion student,

In keeping with the goals of the French Immersion program to provide authentic French experiences for students enrolled, we would like to invite your son / daughter to travel to Quebec for "Carnaval" this coming February 2020.

This travel opportunity meets the outcomes of several learning objectives - speaking in the target language being amongst the foremost. In Quebec, your son / daughter will authentically explore the history, traditions and will become more familiar with many cultural aspects such as specific terminology, cuisine, dance, song, legend and sport in the French culture.

Our students in the grade 9 French Immersion program will explore Québec City and its annual highlight - Carnaval! They will take a guided tour of Québec City Streets, Château Frontenac, Dufferin Terrace, Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica and Place Royale. They will also take a toboggan ride on Les glissades de la Terrasse, visit the observatoire de la Capitale, take a tour of the Québec City Ice Hotel and partake in many of Quebec's Carnival culture events.

Any questions? You can contact EF Tours at 1-800-263-2806 or you can email Mme Gates ( or Mme Sexon (

Warm regards,

Madame Gates & Madame Sexon
French Immersion / Languages
École Campbell Collegiate
1 (306) 523-3250


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