Driver Training





Applications are being accepted for an online (zoom) driving class which will start on Wednesday November 1, 2023.  We are limited in the amount of students we can take therefore, students will be accepted on an OLDEST FIRST BASIS and must be 15 years old by January 3, 2024.   Please use your RBE email address on the application.

No student will be permitted to miss more than two online classes.  STUDENTS MUST BE IN GOOD STANDING WITH ATTITUDE AND ATTENDANCE, NO UNEXCUSED ABSENCES AND CANNOT BE FAILING ANY CLASSES.  Deadline to register is: Friday December 22, 2023


Students will be informed if they have made it into the class via an invite on Google Classroom or a text message.


DATES:                                                    Time :                                                          

Wed. Jan 3                                               5pm

Thurs. Jan 4                                             5pm

Fri. Jan 5                                                  5pm

Mon. Jan 8                                               5pm

Tues. Jan 9                                              5pm

Wed. Jan 10                                             5pm

Thurs. Jan 11                                           5pm

Fri. Jan 12                                                5pm

Sat. Jan 13                                               9am

Mon. Jan 15                                             5pm

Tues. Jan 16                                            5pm

Wed. Jan 17                                             5pm

Thurs. Jan 18                                          3:30pm (SGI Test/Computer Labs)

Fri. Jan 19                                                3:30pm (SGI Test/Computer Labs)



If there are any questions, please contact Mr. Nightingale at (306) 501-6030 or



Applications can be Picked up from the office or can be found here